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Guess what time of year it is!?

Campfire season!! I love this time of year, the bugs are less and less which means we can enjoy more then 30 seconds outside without being eaten alive by black flies or mosquitoes. one of my favorite things to do is cook dinner on an open fire. I

LOVE IT! So many nights Phil and I will pretend we are camping on our front lawn. We light a fire, throw some fresh beans out of the garden in some tinfoil with a little olive oil and salt & pepper, wrap up a couple potatoes, get the steaks sizzling and sit back with a glass of wine (or two!!). Its peaceful, and you can stare at those dancing flames for hours and let the worries of your day melt away.

It is so important to take time, regardless of how busy life can get. When we were kids we lived for these moments, but as adults I feel like we forget so many things about our childhood. Carve out “you” time, remember the good old days. Drink the wine, make the Smoores, poke the fire with a stick, watch for the Fireflies, listen to the frogs and let all those memories come flooding back in. Good for the soul!! 🙂

One thing that is really important before you go striking a match or using a lighter is making sure that you know the townships rules for day/night burning. When we have a dry season it doesn’t take much to have an amber from the contained area to float through the air and land on a dry twig or leaf and hours later or minuets you can have a fire that is out of control and can do alot of damage to a large area in a short amount of time. This means anything that has a spark, I know we all love those beautiful fireworks that burst into a array of colours and noises but in certain times of the year they can be quite dangerous.

You can keep an eye on North Kawarthas web site for fire bans and day/night burning below –http://tiny.cc/x7e99y

Enjoy your summer peeps! Drink responsibly & make memories that will last a lifetime.

ML 🙂


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