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Summer has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. We are smack dab in the middle of fall and I must admit I love this time of year. Fall colors, pumpkins start to make their way to people’s front porches, decorations are well underway for Thanksgiving and even tho many of us are apart from our family over the holidays….. seeing these familiar fall traditions gives your soul a sense of warmth and family.  I feel like we all crave the slower pace that fall brings to our community. Real estate seems to slow down with kids going back to school, summer holidays being over and all the ‘to do” lists being completed before the freeze that is coming. Sometimes I miss the busy but I have learned to appreciate the quiet times and get things done around my house.

The cottages are being closed up for the winter ahead and many of our cottage friends are headed back into the city. Thanksgiving weekend always seems to be the big last hurrah of buzzing activity for our small community before the snow flies and we greet winter.  Reflecting on a busy year, grateful and appreciative to you all for putting your trust in our team once more. Thank you so much and wishing you and your families a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend ahead.


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