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 A New Year with new beginnings is facing all of us right now, and the question that keeps popping up all over is “What is your New Years Resolution”? Well, I must admit I am drawing a bit of a blank with that question this year. I know we all try to eat better, work out more, spend time with loved ones and I think in generally try to be a better human being, but what is the one thing that I could do different this year?

I owned what was once a very successful business and not only because of where the business went in terms of income or branding but I loved the relationships that I developed because of that business with my customers. I have some customers that are more like family and have been a huge support in my career as a realtor. So I think if I had to pick something that I want to make more of an effort this year than any other year I would pick……… nothing…. YUP at this moment I just want to do this, real estate. Helping you to the best of my abilities and if that is better this year than other years that is wonderful. Being the very best version of you while you do something you love and are able to help others get to a place in their lives that makes them happy is extremely rewarding and I just want to do that better.

Happy New Years Everyone, Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Success in 2017

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