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Paudash Lake

Paudash Lake This beautiful lake is located about 2.5 hours north/east of Toronto. This sought after lake just south of Bancroft along Hwy 28 and north of Apsley is situated on the Canadian Shield. This lake has beautiful clean clear water about 14.2 kilometers long, 5.1 kilometers wide (at its widest) and 151 feet at its deepest. There is about 15% surrounding the lake that is crown land. A beautiful sandy beach in North Bay open to the public.

The lake is fed by numerous small streams forming the headwaters of the Crowe River, including that from four small lakes including Silent Lake, Deer Lake, Anderson Lake and Centre Lake. Based on this inflow, and the outflow to the Crowe River, the provincial government estimates that the water of the lake is replaced every three years. The lake is normally totally frozen over from mid-December to the third week in April, when the ice usually breaks up. Views you will see from your boat are amazing pink granite outcroppings which are unique to this area and lake. There are many different sections and bays to Paudash Lake, on Lower Paudash Lake Outlet Bay is to the east, North Bay to the north and Joe Bay to the southwest (beautiful sandy shoreline) and Inlet Bay to the northeast. There are some amazing sunset views from the east side of the lake even some of the residential homes along hwy 28 enjoy the view of the lake and the sunset without the waterfront taxes.

Bancroft is minutes away with some amazing restaurants, its very own brewery, and some unique shops to visit way too many to list, come check it out.

Paudash Lake is a headwater of the Crowe Valley Watershed and is a cold water lake supporting a healthy population of Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass. You will find large and smallmouth bass, walleye, lake trout, perch, pumpkinseed and cisco, white sucker and small bait fish. There are two marinas that service this lake and a great restaurant on the east shore called The Lake House. While Paudash is a natural lake, it is raised artificially with a small dam at the east end of the lake at the outlet to the Crowe River. This dam helps maintain the lake at a fixed water level.

Fish Species – Largemouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout, Perch, Pumpkinseed, Northern Cisco, White Sucker and small bait fish of various types.

Motorboat friendly lake & Ice Fishing Lake



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